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It is quite difficult to find fixed matches on your own, as there is often dubious information on the internet. Such matches are organized for two reasons. Firstly, teams or players may collude to improve the tournament position of one of the teams. Secondly, for the purpose of winning bets...

There are several factors that characterize fixed matches: 1. Suspicious behavior of athletes or referees during the game, such as intentional errors or strange actions. 2. Sudden change in the game situation on the field, especially if there are no objective reasons for it. 3. Deliberate fouls or missed penalties without an obvious reason. 4. Sudden change in the bookmakers' odds during the competition.

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Bets fixed matches

Clients of bookmaking companies, called "dodgers," can place bets on events with a known outcome. They may arrange for the organization of a "fixed match" with participants in the game, purchase information about "fixed matches" from informants, or enter into agreements for a specific outcome with athletes or referees.

Bets on fixed matches do not breach the law if the client is not involved in the conspiracy. However, if there are suspicions of a fixed match, the bookmaker has the right to settle the bet with odds of 1.00. Fixed matches in tennis, football, hockey, and other sports are uncommon but not exclusive occurrences. They are more frequently organized in lesser-known leagues, with almost zero probability of a bought match in a major championship.

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